Saturday, October 30, 2010

Violens - Violent Sensation Descends

This band isn't getting the attention they deserve. Their bombastic debut album, Amoral, sounds like 80's pop-rock on acid, and occasionally it's almost Smiths-like. With all the musical morphing, it's a lot to take in, but their bold synth-acoustic sound is hard to overlook.  More than a month after its released, though, we haven't heard much from Violens aside from this video of "Violent Sensation Descends", a song they've been playing for over two years now! It's only the tip of this underrated iceberg of sound that's just about ready to explode. They're on tour now, check them out.

mp3: Violens - Violent Sensation Descends

Some more free music from Amoral...

mp3: Violens - Acid Reign

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