Saturday, October 23, 2010

TV Girl - If You Want It

The laws that determine the earth's position relative to the sun discriminatingly allow summer to still be alive and well for some, and they had to rub it in our scarfed faces. The latest surge of post-summer chillwave tracks packs a few laid-back tracks from TV Girl. Sample-happy drama scene "If You Want It" takes 60's pop with 90's hip-hop beats and breaks it down with timid trumpets. It's honest, kinda smart, and quite funny.

mp3: TV Girl - If You Want It

Some more light-hearted drama...

mp3: TV Girl - It's Not Something


  1. totes feelin' the post-summer chillwave vibes

  2. talk about chillaxed. makes me wanna chill on a bench, or fall asleep in the park. i like.