Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Memoryhouse - Heirloom

Canadian (yay!) duo Memoryhouse honestly sound their inspiration comes from locking themselves in a dark, foggy house. Dreamy synths and soundscapes are almost overdone nowadays, but this duo balance that ambience with the relatively natural sounds of echoing guitars and vocals plagued with concern. "Heirloom" is the B-side of the Caregiver single, released today.

mp3: Memoryhouse - Heirloom

Update: Here's the video...

Also, the A-side of the 7" and an intimate performance from Yours Truly...

mp3: Memoryhouse - Caregiver


  1. Please remove this illegal download. This is your last warning.

  2. I'd give you more attention if you'd at least tell me who you are, rather than stay anonymous. However I'll explain the reason for the above download:

    I can't host music and I don't use a hosting site, which means that the downloads above link you to files that someone else uploaded. This happens to be the website where I found these links:


    Now, If I remove the download links, it still means that they are available online. If you really intend to get the "illegal" downloads off the web, deal with the source of the problem, not with me. You don't need to be threatening, but I appreciate your concern. I hope you find this helpful. Good luck.